Covid-19 procedures

If you have a job booked in with me please read and consider the points below. I will phone you before the start of the job to agree on the specific arrangements, as every job is different.

  • Let me know if you have any vulnerable people (those at risk of very severe illness from the virus), self-isolating people (those who have Covid-19 syptoms) or anything else relevant.
  • It will be best if I can come and do the job without there being anyone close by. As you will be probably be at home, is there a separate part of the house you can stay in? If I’m working in one room, such as the kitchen, then this should be easy to achieve. If I need access to all rooms then we will need to agree how that will work to achieve the 2 metre separation.
  • If possible we can arrange an arrival time and you can unlock the door for me beforehand so that I can let myself in without face to face contact.
  • Please avoid being in the room I’m going to be working in for 30 minutes before I arrive (if possible) and open a window to ventilate the room. If it’s possible to disinfect the work space before I arrive that would be appreciated (for example the worktop under the boiler), but in many cases this won’t be possible.
  • I will wear a face mask and gloves. I will usually start the job in clean clothes so I’m not bringing in any contamination from a previous property – I definitely will if you have vulnerable people there.
  • We can discuss the actual job on the phone before I come, including details of the problem/ job to be done, location of the work, access, location of controls etc. (if I’m not familiar with the property).
  • Please clear items out from cupboards etc. before I arrive.
  • I will email you a copy of the gas report (if applicable) and also the invoice. Please pay by online transfer.
  • You are advised to wipe down door handles, worktops etc. after I have finished.

It’s a lot of fuss, but necessary to keep all my customers, and the wider public, safe. Thank you for your cooperation! See you soon.

Please phone me on 07859 054015 any time if you have any concerns.

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