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Blended hot water supplies for taps used by young children

A thermostatic blending valve automatically mixes the hot and cold water together to give just the right temperature for hand washing at your hot tap. It is fitted directly below the basin on the supply pipework.

I know from my experience of bringing up my son how useful it was to have basin taps that automatically gave hot water at a safe temperature. It allowed my son feel more independent, as he could wash his hands all by himself. For me it removed another hazard to be on the look out for – scalding hot water. I highly recommend fitting a blender valve by the time your child is toddling. In fact, they make life so much easier for all users, that, in my opinion, they should be fitted as standard (as they are in nursing homes and schools).

The above photo shows an example of a blender valve in a vanity unit below a basin. There is also a valve available that allows a more compact installation for instances when the pipework is on show.

As a guide, a typical installation for one basin would be £240 in total, and for two basins £430. Contact me for a quote.

They are best fitted to high pressure, balanced supplies – where the water pressure is the same in hot and cold pipes. So if you have a combi boiler or an unvented hot water cylinder, that is ideal. If either hot or cold are from a tank in the loft then it’s often not ideal, but feel free to contact me for advice.

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